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An accomplished author, her latest book “Switch” has received amazing reviews. She shares her personal experiences with biblical insights, tools to bridge relationships and empowers readers to live happy, powerful lives.


Carolyn’s forte is in showing us how we can utilize our past as fuel for our future – she is not into fairytales. She is all about results and will share strategies for success that can use every day.

Carolyn's previous books include:


Carolyn knows how to give her audience a great time while they learn strategies that can change the way they look and feel about life, family, community and businesses forever. She is a masterful educator in attitudinal and mindset change, GOD’s transforming power, leadership development, relationship connectors and communications strategies to name but a few. 


She has spoken to numerous groups using her uncanny ability to relate to any audience and her gifted simplicity to assist in the evolution of people everywhere

Mrs. Ellison's writing and inspiration emanates from her heart and soul, all while glorifying God for saving her life; affording her the commission to witnessing of the praises of God.


Pastor Bridgett Goines

It was a joy and pleasure to have Carolyn Ellison as a Storytellers at my Annual Her Story Women's Symposium. She is a gifted​ and anointed writer and speaker. Her ability to connect with the audience was phenomenal. People shared how blessed they were by her story. Carolyn is an asset and treasure to the body of Christ and nations. I  would highly recommend Carolyn as a speaker, panelist, lecture, etc.


Live Life Up! Peace & Blessings

Demetria Baxter, Columbia, SC

When all seems hopeless, I have seen how God can work through a person such as Carolyn. Confirmation comes through all types of trials and tribulations, even when they are not your own. I have seen Carolyn during some of her good times and bad times, and many things that happened to her had lessons which applied to my own life. Each of these poems tells a story of triumph. When you read Words to Live By, think with your heart and soul and you will begin to see God as a miracle worker.

Ruth Melissa Cornell

“If it was not for Carolyn Ellison and her constant teachings and references to the Bible in real life time, I would not know where to turn. We met as co-workers at Palmetto Health and are prayer partners for morning review of the troubles that are faced by us, family, our co-workers and friends that have a struggle with life and the guidelines to follow in life. If you follow the guidelines of this book and make a Jump (Jesus understands my troubles) and a leap of faith, it is surely going to lead you in the right direction.”

Jerlean Noble

This remarkable woman wears many hats. I've known her for about 5 years. She is a faithful member of The Columbia Writers Alliance, as well as Secretary on the Board of Directors. Aside from being an incredible woman of faith, a true loving and protective mother and grandmother, and a committed inspirational authorHer writing emanates from her heart and soul, while glorifying God for saving her life and giving her the opportunity to reach out to others.

I am extremely proud to be her friend, and gladly promote this book. It is definitely worth the read. Enjoy! 

To God be The Glory!



Carrolyn M. Ellison, SPEAKS:

October 7 4, - Cancer Awareness and Survivors Luncheon begins at 7 0:00 AM, Second Nazareth Baptist Church, Bowman Auditorium. Join us for time of fellowship, sharing of beneficial tips, lessons learned, testimonies and encouragement. Featuring empowering speaker and author Carolyn M. Ellison.


This event is free, however to accommodate everyone for lunch, please rsvp to Mary Singletary at

(803) 238-8938

or Mary Mccants at

(803) 238-7788.



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