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At The Greenway Group, we handle the entire process of complex lighting applications from design and engineering through installation and warranty service.



This process involves us speaking with you, your managers, workers and maintenance staff to understand what you do and how you do it? We need to know how your employees work, what kinds of shift schedules they have, and what specific tasks of they perform.




to gain more specific information on your facility and assess all of the installation challanges:

Floor plans and layouts

Light fixtures – quantity and size

Condition and type of equipment and fixtures

Usage hours of each fixture

Review electrical circuitry providing power

Photograph current works space lighting

Collect three months of utility bills



At The GreenWay Group, we ensure that recommended lighting solutions make sense for the customer. We custom create a lighting system for the customer that is unique to their working space and working habits. That process ensures we recommend the best product for each application. This typically means we significantly reduce lamp/fixture wattages and in some cases, we eliminate total number of fixtures.  In doing so we reduce energy consumption significantly. 




Once we develop an effective and efficient solution, the GWG run multiple financial models to ensure there is a proper return on the investment, a detailed savings analysis that factors in energy usage, maintenance costs, life of the technology, and overall savings for life of the technology. Next, we create a proposal that will show you each lighting application and the solution we recommend.  Our proposal includes:

  • Program Cost

  • Estimated payback time

  • Estimated window of completion

  • Rebate info from local power companies (if applicable)

  • Provide information on additional governmental rebate programs,( if applicable).

  • We will assist in document completion for local governmental rebate programs

  • Provide safe and clean working environment

  • Dispose of old light technology in accordance with governmental requirements

  • Provide minimum 5-year warranty on all items installed and 12-month maintenance guarantee




We will assign a project manager (PM) who is dedicated to your account. Our project manager will guide and oversee the entire process from final product selections, logistics & shipping, to installation, testing and post install reporting. The PM is your single source for any questions, concerns or changes that need to be made.

Our team of licensed & insured contractors will install the job based on local codes and with fixed, guaranteed time frames to avoid any long unnecessary delays. During installation, we conduct periodic testing to insure product continuity.

After the new system,

has been installed for 30 days,

we will begin follow up test to ensure customer satisfaction and monitor installation.

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